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who is our DEAR Leader?

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After only a few years in parliament, a relative newcomer to politics, John Philip Key became the leader of the National party of New Zealand.  He was subsequently elected the Prime Minister of New Zealand on 8 November 2008 and three years later re-elected.  Many questions about this man remain unanswered and this blog in part is in response to those questions. 

In August 2007 he told the New Zealand Herald he had left Elders Merchant Finance in 1987. The following year documentation from a 1990s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigation into a failed group of companies revealed he had told investigators in 1991 that he had left Elders 1988. 

He was soon telling media he simply had his dates wrong in the 2007 interview and that the date given in his statement to the SFO was correct. Our media commentators all agreed it was not a good look for a man who wanted to be Prime Minister, but they let the discrepancy go largely unchallenged.

My post "Did Key lie to the SFO?" asks the question they won't.  John Key, did you lie to the Serious Fraud Office?


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